Financial Reporting advisory is directed to companies, which due to temporary or permanent lack of sufficient competences or staff resources require assistance in closing of financial periods and in preparation of financial statements or group consolidation packages (which are often required to be prepared by polish subsidiaries of international capital groups). We also assist in grounding financial part of IPO prospectus or information memorandum required for initial quotation on alternative New Connect market.

In respect of Financial Reporting, we provide professional assistance in preparation of:

  • Financial statements (also for entities, which require „first” audit and have not been audited so far)
  • Group consolidation packages (especially for subsidiaries of international capital groups)
  • Financial reports required for quoted companies (annual, quarter and half-year)
  • Consolidated financial statements and process of consolidation (also for capital groups which do consolidate for the first time)
  • Financial statements connected with liquidation process (such as opening and closing of the liquidation) or mergers, acquisitions and transfer of assets processes

Our Clients