Finacial Advisory

Financial Advisory services are delivered with individual approach. We provide tailored solutions addressing specific requirements and ambitions of our customers with passion and full involvement. Our customers are supported in achieving effective advancements of realised business strategies and in optimisation of decision processes. Customers always actively participate in establishing of the solution, are informed on a current basis of the project progress and have the principal influence for its further direction and scope.

As part of Financial Advisory services we provide consultancy and assistance in:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (including restructuring processes of capital groups)
  • Financial Strategies design, update and improvements
  • Optimisation of business processes
  • Internal Control systems developments

Management and optimisation of financial and accounting processes are realised also in scope of Interim Financial Management.

Financial Advisory services are dedicated especially to:

  • businesses in the course of advancement of internal control systems and financial management processes, including controlling and budgeting
  • start-ups and dynamically growing companies, with evolving organisational structure
  • entities transferring sole-entrepreneur business to capital, commercial company
  • businesses searching for new financing (from stock of exchange, private equity or other related sources)
  • polish or international capital groups realising dynamically growing strategies through mergers and acquisitions
  • companies before IPO (also for initial quotation on alternative New Connect market)
  • newly established or improving non-governmental organisations (NGOs), in the course of design or advancements of their financial – accounting processes or in development of internal control

Our Clients