Audit & Assurance

Audit and Assurance services are realised with a mission to support effective control over businesses from the side of shareholders, supervisory boards or other supervisory bodies.

We believe that reliably and due care conducted audits of financial statements contribute to limitation of thefts and frauds, that may not only come from employees but also from top management side. Independent assertions of financial data by public, certified auditors increase credibility in business environment.

Due to extensive experience gained in leading international, consulting companies, we guarantee highest quality professional audits and reviews of financial statements.

As part of the audit workflow we perform review of internal control system for key business processes. After finalisation of the audit, Management Letter is presented to shareholders and the Board of Directors in respect of:

  • potential operational advancements in business processes
  • improvements of internal control systems
  • changes to accounting policies, that could better address business model and strategies

Assurance services provided by Błaszkowski Advisory refer among others to:

  • agreed upon procedures realised within International Standards of Related Services 4400
  • verification of forecast financial information based on International Standards of Related Services 3400
  • certification of internal control systems in accordance with ISAE 3402
  • assurance services required to be performed under Polish Commercial Code and relating to certification of contribution in kind valuations and auditor’s reports issued for conversion, sharing or merger plans.

Flexibility in design of agreed upon procedures enables to verify with lower or higher level of detail than those applied within normal course of the audit. It allows also to verify only specific items of financial statements, or specific processes which the company’s management, shareholders would like to check independently, even if in the normal course of the audit such items, processes would not be verified at all.

Certification of forecasted financial information increases credibility of business plans prepared for potential investors, as well as reliability of forecasted information published in IPO prospectus or in the information memos.

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