Taking advantage of appearing opportunities requires from the business continues development, recognition of market trends and accurate distinction of occasions demanding fundamental changes of business strategies from those that can be overcome due to more effective usage of the available resources only. Individually designed Controlling and Financial Budgeting services provided by Błaszkowski Advisory support companies to meet that difficult challenge.

Designed for our customers effective controlling models guarantee timely provision of reliable and useful management information that enables to take optimal business decisions.

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Delivered controlling solutions may enable among others:

  • regular review of profitability broken down into types of products, services provided or merchandise sold
  • monitoring of profitability for client categories
  • evaluation of cost effectiveness for specific actions conducted
  • monitoring and evaluation of operational effectiveness for cost and revenue centres in businesses with independent retail agencies / outlets
  • efficient preparation of budgeting that can be regularly monitored and updated to actual management data and newly appearing circumstances
  • monthly or quarterly analysis of variances between actual and budgeted data

Dedicated by us solutions support creation of motivating systems for: departments, directors of agencies and outlets or for brand / portfolio managers.

We assist either in design of new controlling systems as in advancements of the existing ones.

In the course of realised service, we provide controlling consultancy for IT teams, that would implement the designed controlling model(s) into the existing  IT environment(s). Alternatively we may implement the designed model in cooperation with reputable business partner, that delivers IT business intelligence solutions.

After the implementation we often apply temporary supervision over controlling processes, in the course of which we monitor effectiveness of the implemented model.



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